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A Sacred Journey
Welcome to A Sacred Journey, Waterloo, Ontario.  

Supporting women, children and families as a whole
On this web site you will find educated women who are assisting their community as the situation arrives.

We Specialize in:
· Labour and Postpartum Doula Services
· Reiki Treatments and Teaching
· Monthly Red Tents
· Women's Support Services

Our Mission Statement:
A Sacred Journey is a collective of professionally trained women,
where we only participate within evidence-based standards of practice.
It is our strongest wish to assist women as the make their way through their life's journey.  We validate our clients by listening as they tell their story.
Our mission is to support and enrich the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of mother, baby/babies, and families as a whole; these are accomplished by prior knowledge and caring support systems throughout the process of becoming parents.  We collectively, offer support in pregnancy,
birth and early postpartum.

Our Mission is based upon:

· Public Awareness
· Volunteerism
· Self Advocacy
· Self Determination
· Referral Service
· Professional Development
· Community Engagement

The Collective at A Sacred Journey

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