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A Sacred Journey
About the founder  
Lesley Cressman Lesley Cressman

I am a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and wife who is sharing
the importance of the life of women!  The empowerment of women without devaluing men, in fact it brings balance to the sexes.  As a mother of two women and two young men, I believe it is our greatest gift we can bestow upon our children and our society is the gift of equality and love.
Blessings to all my sisters!

Lesley loves working with families and children within her community.  She is
a Reiki Master, a Red Tent Facilitator, and a Labour & Postpartum Doula.  Lesley's heart is in social services and she values our community as a whole, she is accepting of all religions, cultures, social economics and LGBTQA accepting.  She is a strong educator, who utilizes the theories of Gardeners Multiple Intelligence within her classes.  Within her classes, Lesley utilizes a combination of Theory, Visual, and Movement activities to assist her students in bringing the learning into practice.

The Sacred Journey is a space where multiple modalities are found to assist women and their journey
throughout life.

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